***Oils: Young Living Oils.  www.youngliving.com    ID 63533


Barb's favorite oils:    Valor.  This oil has helped my neck, back and shoulders. It has blue tansy-- dispells inflammation. I apply to my feet to help promote sleep and over my heart for courage.


           Thieves Oil:  anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory.  Try it!!!


***Herbs:  Sunrider www.sunrider.com   ID 000034972


     Barb's favorite tea:  Calli & Fortune Delight


           www.TEECCINO.COM try Mushroom Tea 

                         Sampler for your health.


***Chinese Medicinal Tonic and Hemp Oil Extracts:  Holistic Healing Hands. 

     Herbal Tonic made from Mom's technique.    For topical use.                                                                    MAT 2862